Live a healthy lifestyle!

Getting it right and living a 100% healthy active lifestyle is simple and easy when you know what to put your attention on and how to improve your LIQ (Longevity I Q). I am often surprised to discover the unconsciousness present in creating life. It is as if people think it would take a great deal of effort to live a superior life. Living a 100% healthy lifestyle takes little effort and provides fuel for a life of greatness and vitality.

1. Pre Sleep Disposition

Have you gone to bed, stressed or angry? If so, you are going to bed with an aging pattern set to keep you on the fast track to lines, wrinkle’s and exhaustion. I know you are likely exhausted and you just want to stop – drop and dose but this is not the answer. Attempt to keep a sunny disposition during your day. If someone rains on your parade later in the day, you can still turn it around by declaring no one gets to change your mood. Take charge. The use of the Definitive Guide to Karma Clearing meditation is great to sift the energy and regain control. Going to be in a relaxed state, with your nerves in parasympathetic mood means your cells are set to regenerate, refresh and restore. Going to bed angry upset or in distress means your nerves are set on high alert, energy is going to survival and the nerves in this position will not allow energy to flow in the refresh mode.

2. You Can Choose How to Fuel Your Day

Is this jangling you awake?

Is this jangling you awake?

Imagine waking up 5:49 am to a blaring alarm. You hit the snooze 6 times and groggily arise, stubble to the bathroom, splash cold on your face, turn on some tunes, while the news streams between songs commercials blare and you’re out the door for the local coffee shop for your first caffeine injection of the day.


You arise naturally; start the day with a glass of pure glacier water and settle in for a 20-minute meditation. You arise from meditation and head out the door for a delightful power walk around a mountain lake. As you walk you stream through all the things you are grateful for, all the people you love and who love you, you affirm your beautiful life, breathe deeply, imagine a wonderful day full of successful connections and lots of laughter.

As in number one, if you live the first version you age yourself, by straining the adrenals, nerves and general constitution. Pushing through the day is a very different experience than breathing into the day, in celebration. You choose.

3. Busy or Active

The word busy is a stress word. When you are informing others you are busy, you are riding the waves of stress. Busy means, not enough time to integrate and relax. It is a version of slavery, you may be the slave driver and the slave, but I promise you if you are saying ‘you are busy’, you are not happy.

Try experimenting with the word Active and see how that changes your perception of reality. Active denotes, choice, it indicates a level of good health and a kind of happy excitement. The difference in these tow words means the difference in being the joyous creator of your life and lifestyle or the out of control slave who is unawake and unaware of the truly wonderful life just out of reach.

Choose a life of ease and grace to be 100% healthy.

Choose the high road to be 100% healthy.

You decide. It is like this in all areas of life, you can take the high road or the low road. The low road ages you, depletes you and robs you of your happiness, vitality and joy. Living the low version takes away the potential for greatness and adds the complication of struggle and depletion. On the other hand living 100% healthy is the road to a life of magnificence, creation energy and joy. You will be connected and in love with your life as you move from slave to creator. It is not either-or, they are two separate realms. Who have you been recently? Who are you committing to be now?


The Definitive Guide to Karma Clearing: Take the emotional charge out of difficult relationships and free yourself and the other person to enjoy each other.
Love Regeneration and Walking Meditation:  Exercise while you meditate to save time and get into a space of loving and gratitude.

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