When I first saw my beautiful estate..I qualified for a $56k mortgage. The Realtor said the owners expected me to be prequalified prior to looking but I assured her it would not be a problem. I lit a fire in my heart and began to make manifest my future.

This particular home was the one I had imagined for so many years. Owning and living in it meant joy, expansion, family gatherings and fulfillment. I wanted this new life more than anything ~ I pumped and cleared for hours every day as well as being in outer action to raise capital. And, in just 4 short months I raised $800k by myself. I qualified for a million dollar mortgage and paid off 200k of business debt. I put 30% down on my new palace. (this was just 18 months ago)

I share this story with you because I am one of you, I have my hopes and dreams for the best possible life and I believe that we must go for it to accomplish the miracles, believe in yourself, and light a fire in you that can not be stopped.

Here is the 7-day Wealth Jumpstart for those of you wanting to start using the quantum wealth tools to help create a shift where more money flows to you.

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