Julie Renee’s easy to follow processes have helped thousands to literally transform their lives! The excellent “companion book” gets the process started: 100% YOU Formula, whosesubtitle tells it all: “How to achieve more energy, vitality & focus by clearing hidden blocks to your unlimited success with Quantum Energy!”

Adding to her well established reputation as being a Master Healer, Health Activator, Award Winner, and International Speaker, Julie Renee has taken a quantum leap (pun intended) in her mission with the creation of her latest, most comprehensive 600+ page book, Your Divine Human Blueprint.  This new body of work has earned her the title as  “THE 100% Brain Rejuvenation Expert.”  As a companion to the powerful pathway to health and vitality in Your Divine Human Blueprint, Julie Renee created an additional work, wonderfully simple in its elegance, that augments the messages in her “big” book, entitled 100% You Formula. On www.JulieRenee.com, there is a wealth of information about her powerful brain-based method of regeneration and potent  “From The Inside Out” programs.

Your Divine Human Blueprint is a groundbreaking book that men, women, and practitioners of every modality need to know about and experience. As a result of years of meticulous research, she’s written this definitive resource guide to altering DNA, accessing quantum energy, and regenerating stem cells. Julie Renee’s easy to follow processes are designed to help people to literally transform their lives.

Often referred to as The Queen of Quantum Transformation, Julie Renee Doering’s unique gift of healing is the very definition of the energy-science of Cellular Quantum Mechanics and how to regenerate the body. She has mentored hundreds of men and women who are powerful, already successful leaders who are feeling exhausted and “fuzzy” brained. The unique “road map” she’s created in these books and her other programs, guides them to regenerate the brain, clear blocks, and become fully charged once again. She has successfully helped such dignitaries as Hollywood actors, Pentagon officials, a Google executive, a top level astronaut, and many more.

Julie Renee goes way beyond DNA in Your Divine Human Blueprint to show people of all ages answers to questions such as:

  • What IS The Divine Human Blueprint?
  • How can we access our own blueprint and use it to achieve 100% health?
  • What, exactly, is Quantum Energy?
  • How can we access our own quantum field to supercharge health and vitality?
  • How can we regenerate our brain?
  • How can we reverse aging using stem cell rejuvenation? and lots more….

There are numerous testimonials from leading medical doctors and highly respected integrative health practitioners who share their own personal successes and endorsements. Each of these celebrated, educated leaders in their own fields have experienced the profound difference that IS Julie Renee, and the unique energy she utilizes to activate 100% health.

Julie states, simply and eloquently, that the energy she uses comes from the Quantum field, and that as mysterious as that may sound, she reassures all of her clients that it is readily and easily available and accessible.  “The major difference between energy work —  be it Quantum, Reiki, Pranic or some other style —  and the work I do, is that my clients and I, together, are using a technique called Cellular Quantum Mechanics.”   Cellular Quantum Mechanics accesses the Divine Human Blueprint to restore 100% health to the Master Stem Cell. This process begins the journey to living a life without limits. Julie Renee exclaims, “Just imagine having peak performance brain health, your healthy brain working at 100% compared to folks around you who have brain function at 50% or less!”

About the Author, Julie Renee Doering:

Her own remarkable health journey is a fascinating, true tale: As a child, she survived radiation poisoning from Atomic Bomb testing in the Nevada desert; she’s had 17 surgeries, been diagnosed with cancers, had several near-death experiences, and was told she would not walk again without canes.


Not only did Julie Renee restore her health back to 100%, she also discovered her TRUE path: To be here to help others discover their own human blueprint which wires us all to HEAL!  Find out more on www.JulieRenee.com  or call 877-477-5521


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THE 100% Brain Regeneration Expert

Master Health Activator, Speaker, Author

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