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Medical Miracles!

Holly Hill

Rasin-size adrenal grows back over a 4-month period as she participates in the Miraculous year-long program. Medically documented on PET scans.

Cecily Kate Jet

After losing her mother to cancer she discovers she also has the cancer gene with a DNA test. Upon retesting after VIP Experience the cancer DNA was removed.

Caroline Stevens

Overcomes death and grows back colon. Functioning colon surgery removes colostomy bag ~ goes back to normal life, including function and normal stool consistency.

Celebrity Endorsements

I fell in love with Julie Renee and her work. She truely is the brain rejuvenation expert. Her work is profound. Nothing short of a miracle!”

Jack Canfield: American Author and Motivational Speaker, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series which has more than 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in 40+ languages

It’s rare to meet someone so gifted and clear about who they are what they are here to do on the planet. Julie Renee is bringing a unique body of work to the world that is an important contribution to humanity.”

Marci Shimoff, As seen in The Secret and Author of four New York Best selling books

Julie Renee saved me. I tend to work until I drop and was not giving myself time to regenerate. I had a vocal chord infection and had been on antibiotics for three months. I knew I needed my power back. She removed the infection and some things that were genetically wrong with me. I am feeling so much better and stronger. She’s a miracle with worker!”

Barbara Niven
Hollywood Actress, Speaker and Media Trainer