Immersion Program: Diamond Level Carmel Valley 2017

November 26th through December 2nd, 2017 

What makes the 2017 in person Diamond program so phenomenal?

In this live experience you’ll be a big part of the unfolding wisdom in the quantum arena, and the human blueprint! Every time we gather together, body to body, cell to cell and essence to essence in person, incredible unfoldments, miracles and revelation transpire! This is the once a year opportunity to be part of the magic! It is when hundreds of new bits of information, new downloads about regeneration and clearing come in full blast. These new details get charted, documented and incorporated into our activities immediately!

I would love for you to be part of this acceleration program. The synergy of student with my vision and quantum access take us to new levels of wisdom and learning only possible in this very unique setting. This is a retreat like no other, you’ll be blown away by the learning skill up leveling and lifelong friendship you gain from attending the in person diamond accelerator retreat.

What makes this retreat the DIAMOND ACCELERATOR?

  • We cover all the phenomenal groundbreaking topics from blueprint to interferences, anchors, quantum field access, spiritual healing, wealth enhancement ~ ALL Provide HUGE SHIFTS! New details added as we go!
  • This retreat we make special room for a day of mapping emotions. Vital to our understanding the field of perception, finally we’ll have a complex base of knowledge from which to work from and understand our self, enhance our clearings and ultimately help other!
  • How to chart for the deepest shifts. I’ve never brought this level of student mentoring on charting to any training. You’ll learn how to ask all the questions, have the latest charts to refer to as you dig deeply into what holds you back!
  • Muscle testing 3 hours of me checking for your specific issues, improving your right to get a strong yes or no answer…and we will get the improvement you are looking for if this is an issue.
  • Cellular neo genesis mapped and charted! Yep, I’m going to put the steps and the deeper knowledge into words for you.


Are you someone who loves the inclusive in-person experience?  Do you enjoy being part a a group of people in a room creating synergy and magic while learning and growing? I have very exciting news for you! I’d like to welcome you to the 7-day Diamond Ambassador retreat at my home in Carmel Valley! In this level you will train intensely for 7 days, and at the completion of your time clearing and regenerating you will receive a beautiful Quantum Ambassador Certification. I am opening my home for the 3rd time in history from November 26th through December 2nd! There is room for 30 students maximum to participate in this retreat, so if you are considering joining this program, please enroll now to ensure your seat!

One of the lovely things that happens in the weeklong in-person retreat is the camaraderie and the fun, as we share snacks and breaks,  the students share meals and adventures, and we always have a lovely dinner, weather permitting, in the outdoor living space. Students love contemplating in the zen garden, with the trickling waterfalls, the soaring Santa Lucia mountain views and adventures to the beach and local happenings.

You’ll get to be part of my world, see where I run the live streams and enjoy snacking in my favorite room (the kitchen of course!) And you may choose to skip the run for lunch into the village and walk the lovely serene local roads, breathing fresh mountain air, enjoying the sounds of the natural world and peaceful sky. By the way, the sky is incredible here, you can see galaxies with your naked eye on a clear night!



I want you to really get a feel for what you are joining so you can share in the delight of this wonderful mountain sanctuary palace with me and your classmates for one glorious week of reverie!

The Diamond Training is for you if you’re ready to take a quantum leap over the course of a week and are ready to dig in and flourish!  It is for those talented in healings, meditation and breath work and equally good for the beginner, just getting their feet wet and wanting to immerse themselves in the teachings in a 7-day in-person retreat.

This level is  the first of 4 levels of Immersion and is a prerequisite to moving forward if you are intentional on gaining the Ruby (personal mastery), Emerald (practitioner level) or Sapphire (facilitator level).

Students share with me that this is the most powerful week of their life. I’d love for you to experience this profound and incredible week of miracles, breakthroughs and transformation too!  



Barbara Niven – Actress


Anne Larson – Registered Nurse


Haruko Emoto Fuchs – Japanese Language


What You’ll Learn during your 7 day retreat:

Day One – Greeting

Intention/vibe setting, Illumination prayer, PEMER Chart, Quantum Pump Chart, Muscle testing

We start our retreat on Sunday so we have a special treat, the first hour we come together to meet and greet, pray and sing and set our intentions for the week long week of transformation. Once each of our community members has spoken and we’ve set a high vibe for the days to come, we will enjoy a mid morning break for tea and treats. At 11 am honoring the sabbath and setting a sacredness to our event we will pray repetitive heart opening prayer the lovely Joyful Mysteries with the first decade of the Illumination Rosary. It calls in the blessings of Divine Mother, the angels, supreme being and lord Jesus. All students from every religion find this lovely and uplifting as you get to experience the presence of the Holy ones as we launch the retreat. Throughout the sessions we will use the sanskrit mantra from Hinduism, and American new age singing to raise our frequency and bring in higher frequencies for clearing.

Lunch break 1 ½ hours, plenty of time to pop down to the village for a lovely meal, or enjoy the outdoor patio with your own picnic food. (please note, there is no community refrigerator.)

We’ve activated Divine blessing and move into  a foundational training on the basics. You’ll learn about the Human Blueprint in more specific details. PEMER becomes a simple method for remembering the part of the blueprint. Perception, Science, Matter, Energy and Realms: Genesis, Embodiment, and Amplification. You’ll learn how the fields support the blueprint and how each aspect of the blueprint is interrelated to each other part. What’s so exciting about this segment is we will be for the first time really charting the blueprint! And you’ll have a physical copy to refer to for the remainder of the week!

Next we’ll review and again chart all the quantum pump techniques. Each of these hand gestures helps you to do specific clearings and access the higher frequencies of the quantum field for rapid transformation. During this section we’ll clear all troublesome programs that would prevent you from being 100% effective with your pumping and teach you ways to raise your frequency to go faster! Simply pumping with me will increase your speed and ability.

Breaks are about every hour and a half, but the sessions are fluid and responsive to the needs of the group, healthy snacks pure water and tea always available, if you have special needs you are encouraged to als bring so snacks.

Unlike an online programs, always with a timer running, the spaciousness of being physically together supports us going into greater detail on kinesiology, Muscle testing becomes an important skill as we progress through the training, and everyone gets better at it as the week progresses. Not only do I demonstrate the process, but we actually work through different problems, testing for results. We go through a new muscle testing chart created for our group specifically and clearing for all potential blockages so you’ll have a great start to diving into a full week of productivity!

Day Two – NEW! Quantum Accelerator Training!

Emotional Anchor chart generated! Also define and map our newest category ‘Nature of’ We’ll be in discovery mode for at least 5 hours This is a BIG day.

Much of what we think of as the emotional body is called perception in the blueprint.  Troublesome emotional anchors can lock down problem energy and prevent you from healing fully, restoring and revitalizing your wealth, and also prevent deep lasting love. Today we are on a mission to map in a way we have not yet done.

A perfect addition to this incredible breakthrough day is to define and explore a new area we are now using often in the big charts, Nature of. You’ll learn the best approach to clearings emotional anchors, receive our newly generated chart with specifics of what we are disappearing from you when you clar and emotional anchor, how it got there and what the best technique is to deeply clear the problem.

The day is both discovery and clearing, as each emotional anchor is defined you’ll test if this is a challenge for you and be given clear direction on how to clear it.

Day Three – Programs and Anchors

In depth study of all Programs and Anchors learning and clearing (Possible Beach morning clearing)

As I write this in September 2017 we have 30 programs mapped and an additional 15 unknown programs unmapped but being referred to and cleared in our trainings. We will attempt to map as many of the unknown ones as we possibly can as well as gain greater understanding of the ones that are relatively new to our clearings. Timelines are included here, it’s going to be an incredible day of learning, even if you think you know this stuff, I promise you will be both clearer and blown away by the light and awareness you will have as you join me in the quantum mind of understanding on the deepest levels.

We will also be addressing anchors later in the afternoon we currently have 14 anchors well mapped and are clearing 7 unknown anchors, we will hope to discover and map!

As I am sure you are aware, knowing and naming things gives you power over them, as they lay hidden, they continue to have a foothold in your life, we are looking at shifting this, transforming and activating our deepest wisdom and become free in this lifetime!

Day Four – Clear and Map Spiritual Interferences

We continue our intense clearings with a day devoted to the removal of spiritual interferences and their anchors. Much has been added in recent months to our full awareness of the extent of the problem and we’ll be continuing to map the type and letters that are identified and not full understood, as we go about a day of full on clearing! Even if you have attended one of our interference clearing classes, you will want this day, it will both be an excellent tune up as each time you progress through this training and clearing of newly identified interferences and anchors! I promise you’ll  feel deep shifts as the day progresses and experience more freedom and joy in the body.

I have been in a process of mapping – what is the interference, where does it come from, how and where does it anchor in, and what are the most effective ways of permanently disappearing the interference.

It starts with being able to recognize that it is not you, and that somehow you have at one time let the interference in. It may be by claiming them as you,for example, I have a headache or my legs hurt. When the problem is being caused by a spiritual interference, you can innocently claim the interference as you and it becomes embedded in your blueprint, in actually potentially all areas of the blueprint.

You’ll learn how to clear everything and how to recognize what is and is not you so you can improve your language and move them out before they ever get a foothold in you to begin with.

We now are including much more than just aliens and demons, you’ll love the care and incredible detail I’ve been able to glean out for you on these issues and you’ll love getting this stuff out of your body and blueprint!

Day Five – All NEW Quantum Accelerator!

LEARN HOW TO CHART TO CLEAR EVERYTHING! 3 Hours devoted to the art of the chart, DNA Obliteration and God DNA afternoon session

Would you just love to know how charting comes together? How do you set up the statement, what should you include for a physical problem verses and emotional issue or financial issue? We’ll be using muscle testing and each person in our training will in this session learn how to and create their own clearing chart under my watchful eyes!

DNA Obliteration and God DNA training is amazing. The Obliteration process removes harmful DNA information from all cells of the body using the quantum field. This technique supports a healthy future, removing items like cancer and dementia genes. Two techniques, one guided imagery, second quantum pump, slide movement. Medically documented removal of Cancer DNA. You’ll be mastering both techniques and working on your own DNA for big improvements.

Folks also love to raise the frequency of their DNA and it is fun to know we all already have 2 authentic God strands of DNA. It’s true, we are all born with 22 strands from mothers and 22 strands from father, and two that are our authentic God strands. In our training we begin the process of raising the frequency and vibration of our DNA to the 5th dimension and our God frequency


You’ll gain a firm foundation of the process of Cellular Neo Genesis and how both growing new cells from existing cells and growing cells from nothing (for example a surgically removed gland or organ is possible. I will be mapping the steps of the process for the first time!

Cellular Neo Genesis the day of regeneration! Revitalization of existing stem cells and the genesis of new stem cells. This technique uses the master cell this is the original stem cell for the area being regenerated and hold a great deal of information about how to grow new cells.Using the quantum field and a hand movement called the ‘quantum pump’ the stem cell is brought to 100%. Cell regeneration is brought about by activating the perfected master cell in the human blueprint then moving this cell into physical reality. For example, one might imagine it as the perfected cell is replacing the old unhealthy cell or the master cell from the blueprint is taking form where no cell currently exists. Medically document regrowth of a failed adrenal and new growth of a surgically removed colon.

We move through areas of regeneration, previous classes, have done the digestion, the endocrine system, vision. The class leads on what they are wanting most and I test at the time to see the greatest benefit for the entire student body and we pump away growing new cells and starting a full on miracle in your body!

As you can see, the days are jam-packed with incredible wisdom, learning and transformational process to lead you down a path of true and miraculous awakening! 

Day Seven – Wealth Acceleration, Karma Clearing and Graduation!

3 hours Wealth Clearings. Everyone is excited about this day as we process to blockages to wealth, success and abundance. It’s a fun and life-changing morning as you learn the process for clearings, rights, abilities and permission to have it all, and the meditation process for mocking up what you intend as your future outcome.

We are definitely having fun today after days of intense clearings! We’ll call on members of the class to get our clearing examples and then progress through removing and disappearing blocks to wealth and abundance. We also move through the meditation experience, how to be most effective with creating a magnetic resonance field for the greatest acceleration of wealth and abundance.

1 hour karma clearing, reviewing the steps to 4 types of Karma clearing, adding to this process the latest clearings from the new programs chart, you’ll have a guide step by step to clear all your karma!

Graduation Ceremony …Surprises are always coming from this very special event…dress like the magical being you are, and prepare to receive the validation and honor you have earned in the quantum Acceleration community!

You are reading about the live in-person Diamond training at my home in Carmel Valley. There are two additional options: to train in the live online Diamond training, or to get your Apprentice certification through the recent online program through our wonderful home study program. You can read about both by clicking here.

Enroll now and get the super saver one-pay tuition of $6,750. Or take advantage of our easy pay…

In-Person Training

Cost: $6,750
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What Students Are Saying about the Immersion Training


Bill recovers himself.


Gila – I see my power and what I can do in this world opened my potential.


Marty Recovers from Death ready to live big.

I look forward to helping you discover your quantum transformations field and certainty. You’ll gain skill confidence and authority as you power through these incredible days of miraculous clearing and creation!

Please join me in uplifting the world and taking our own personal Quantum LEAP!


The Diamond retreat was a very special time for me. First, Julie Renee was an amazing, warm, welcoming and considerate hostess, her house is beautiful and very stylish with a breathtaking views. Little Adelia added giggles and child purity to it all. The quantum processes we went through as a group were very powerful and shifted my life to a totally different level. I also met wonderful people and left with my heart overflowing with love, joy, excitement and hope for the future. I’m grateful for this magical experience!

– Maryla

Support Materials included with your training

Day One

  • Illumination Prayers (ebook)
  • PEMER Chart
  • Muscle Testing Clearing Chart
  • Quantum Pumps Technique Chart
  • Clearing Chart
  • 100% You ebook and Audiobook (helps YOU understand PEMER)
  • How to Meditate mini program
  • Article about PEMER
  • Video: What is Kinesiology

Day Two – NEW Quantum Accelerator Training

  • Emotional Anchors Chart
  • Programs Charts
  • Serenity & Ease Meditations

Day Three – Programs & Anchors

  • Lemuria clearing chart
  • Clearing chart for sea mammals, whales, dolphins and merfolk
  • Anchors char

Day Four – Clear and Map Spiritual Interferences

  • Spiritual interference chart
  • Full running list of all interferences
  • Book Chapter – All Things of Spirit from Your Divine Human Blueprint
  • Article: Detoxify and Clear: Pump Your Way to Freedom

Day Five – All New Quantum Accelerator

  • How to Chart blank chart
  • DNA obliteration chart
  • Meditation: DNA and Stem Cell Regeneration
  • Article: Healthy DNA and the Breast Cancer Gene
  • Article: Change Your Unhealthy DNA with the Quantum Field

Day Six – Regeneration Day

  • Regeneration Chart
  • Article: Brain Regeneration from Stem Cells
  • Article: Quantum Rejuvenation & Stem Cells
  • Article: Nerve Regeneration
  • Article: Talk about Stem Cells

Day Seven – Wealth Acceleration & Karma Clearing

  • Wealth Clearing charts
  • Karma clearing
  • The Definitive Guide to Your Abundant Life


In-Person Training

Cost: $6,750
or 12 payments of $675

Reserve Now

What Students Plan to do with Their Training

I am working on personal healing & learning how to apply this teaching in my own body. Trailblazer, then Practitioner program next. Has already given me great insight & incredible perspective for coaching & energy psych…so far Thank you dear.

– Louisa Page, Alberta CAN

My name is Katie I am 60 yrs old. I am going to use this to promote healing and am in the foundational apprentice program.

– Katie

This immersion program will enhance my knowledge and practice while I continue in the apprentice program at the foundational level and so much more. I loved loved being with you, Julie Renee and Adelia Rose. Thank you for the book and crystal. That means so much. ooh crystal ball and the your book. I love you!

– Kathleen Lou, Winnetka IL

Karen . I plan to continue as an apprentice for 2 years Essential/Trail Blazer then I would like do the Immersion Program & Practitioner sharing this work with all of Humanity with Julie’s wonderful life changing work.

– Karen Quinn, Kiowa CO

My main focus is on self-healing especially physically with an emphasis on clarifying and refining my Divine connection to bring in more and more of this beautiful, loving Light in a way that I can best do that. I do enjoy writing, so I will see what opens for me from here.

– Julie Carr, St Paul MN

I follow an inner calling I guess my destiny which is linked to help lots of people; I asked for guidance and mentor form the Universe and Julie Renee – you came into my life. I am in the trailblazer program committed to heal myself and than move on to do whatever I am here to do on this wonderful planet. Thank you Julie Renee for your teachings and support.

– Emilia Fiedler, Munich

Love this community will continue so much to do grow… much love and Blessing to everyone. Thank you so much for this amazing week and gifts.

– Jacquie, Newfoundland CA

I have my own program and would like to bring this work into my program as appropriate, as well as regenerate my teeth and vision. I am honored to be with all of you, I am in the Foundational Apprentice.

– Cathy Hohmeyer, Lake Clear NY

I’ve increased my understanding of this amazing technique for healing this week and I’m looking forward to using it to get to my BEST self. By my own self being – I’ll be in a better position to help others in the future to heal and soar once I become a practictioner. First myself, my family, friends and then on to heal the WORLD!!!!

– Katherine Fitzgerald, Kensington, NH

I am going to use the program to heal and regenerate for the next 6 months and then regroup as to where to go from there. I know I am a healer and here to help humanity. Thank you so so much, so beautiful, so happy to receive all your gifts.

– Tamanna, Orlando FL

Half hour north of San Francisco My plans are to bring my being into a state of growing younger every moment of every day I am already activating with friends, and working with Julie since her first day of teaching. Heading for Trailblazer or Emerald environment.

– Tom Atkin, Novato CA

I am Trailblazer and plan to heal myself and be a Quantum Activator/Practitioner & Spiritual Interference Buttkicker I feel like our crystal is our Harry Potter wand.

– Bec, Boise ID

I’ll use the gifts of this week to raise my vibration to better serve humanity and to enhance my own health, happiness, prosperity, and success. Also to use what I’ve learned to continue, and hopefully improve, efforts to help family members heal. That is a beautiful crystal and I am thrilled! Thank you! Thank you for my gifts!

– Dale Allen, LaGrange GA

I’ve been an energy healer for many years, looking for the true answer to healing and know that I have finally found it with Julie Renee.

– Shirley Stern, Melose MA

I am incorporating/integrating this knowledge into my own healing, increasing my vibration and light score as well as increasing my vital force. Step into my full expression and my divine connection of who I am and bring more of the light and beauty forth to heal, inspire and transform others. I will integrate this greater knowledge to upgrade my skills and healing abilities to also create deep, instant and lasting healing in my clients. Facilitate expansion of humanity to this higher consciousness and higher vibration. Create more, manifest more Thank you for the Book and amazing crystal!

– Maria

June I started my 2nd year of Trailblazer and I would like to start with the Emerald Program immediately. Since few months I’m able to clear powerfully and deeply, I’m having improvements in my body and a deeper understanding. Thank you!! Ohh, this crystal is gorgeous! I am delighted! Thank you so much! Love you!

– Seval, Germany

I’m working with Julie Renee in October 1 year. Seval brought me to Julie Renee and I’m very thankful for it! I’m working on health, wealth and family harmony. — Thank you !!! Thank you for the book and this beautiful crystal ball!

– Philippe, Munich Germany

From the Chatbox

Julie: I felt a lot of resentment and anger leaving me in the clears and a violent image appeared. That is the first time I actually FELT the rosary ever! Thank you for so much!

Karen: Thank you for the rosary prays. It was the first time in a long time. I loved it very much. Lovely

Katherine: That was my first time praying the rosary and I didn’t realize it was so long…

Dale: You worked a lot harder than we did today. Thank you, thank you for the PEMER chart. It helped me process this info in way I haven’t been able to before. What a gift!

Seval: I released a lot during the prayer, especially from the back my head but now I feel a deeper connection to the divine and I am in peace and love! Thank you so much!!

Tom: I’ve enjoyed this rosary with Julie many times before in many classes. This is the first time that my heart really opened to a much deeper meaning. I feel that in my transition to my Quantum Activation practice, this will be come part of my personal daily practice. Thank you Julie.

Dale: I was a little upset with myself that I fell asleep during the rosary. I get really sleepy this time of day. But I feel so tingly now – don’t feel I missed out!

Tamanna: I felt my heart opening towards the end, beautiful…

Kathleen Lou: I am having a lot of feelings come up and out. Releasing and tears.

Louisa: I am looking forward to a deeper understanding of how to apply & use each aspect of the blueprint. Thank you.

Dale: I never understood that perception was emotional body. I’ve learned something huge already!

Tom: Creating this chart was a great precursor to understanding and excelling with the rest of the workshop. Thank you!

Karen: Loved the class Julie and Adelia. I can see and feel the value of what we are learning to help us move forward on this journey. Thank you for all that you do. xoxo

Karen: This is fantastic information that you are sharing with us. I am taking it all in to the very core of heart.

Sean: I am feeling such huge shifts already- I can’t wait till we see where we will get to after these 7 days!

Karen: Thank you for doing the muscle testing for us on such a personal level. It really has helped me.

Julie C: Hi all. What a powerful day it was yesterday!

Sean: Yes yesterday was amazing – I can’t wait to see what 6 more days of this will create.

Karen: Thank you for all the work you have done on these charts. They are so awesome and so are you.

Katherine: You are truly amazing. Thank you so much for all these incredible things you do for us. Truly, Truly APPRECIATED!

Sean: Had no hesitation in signing up for Simply Beautiful and if it’s anything like this – I can’t wait to begin!

Tamanna: Yesterday was amazing felt so much lighter.

Louisa: Julie…I actually woke up this morning with lots of energy & wanting to “do”! I started plans…alas the time for today’s class arrived so soon 🙂

Karen: I was exhausted last night but feel light and energized looking forward to another amazing class.

Seval: I am so grateful to have you in my life! So thankful!! Again and again thank you for everything.

Louisa: Amazing…Today I am starting to see a small differentiation with my ring finger in muscle testing! It has taken me many months to get to this point 🙂

Katherine: Had an amazing conversation with my kids today about the Piscean age vs Aquarian era, command/domination vs neutrality/’you do you and I’ll do me’ time. It stemmed from the talk you gave us yesterday. They are still mentioning it to each other. so wonderful. Thank you again for that talk.

Louisa” This is my 3rd time with major spiritual interferences clearing…earlier this year with home study from 2016, live class this July & now in our magnificent Diamond Class 🙂 Last night was intense. This morning I feel like a new person! 🙂

Dale: I’m as tickled as a 2-year-old about being sung to. Thank you!

Maria: Feels like we are releasing generational and past lives domination, suppression, control. Feels good.

Tamanna: There is lot more love in the group today.

Louisa: The prayer was really moving. When I moved into it, opened myself to Beloved Mother Mary & surrendered…I felt myself move into the quantum field. This is quite a change for where I am at in classes with you. In this moment…today…I AM wonderful. Thank you 🙂

Julie C: This is really kicking up the ‘dust’ for me. Much needed clearing. I feel the guru clearing would be very good for me.

Karen: We love you so much for all the work that you and Adelia do for us.

Sean: Yesterday my head was spinning with all the new information but today it is a lot better and somehow makes more sense.

Dale: I don’t know where to start to thank you for today. I love, love getting to the root and we have gone so deep! Where else could I have found out about control beings holding me back? I’m full of love and gratitude for you and for the community, and of course Adelia. Thank you!

Karen: I am so glad you are taking us through this. It makes me feel much better that you are with us on this journey. Thank You Thank You.

Dale: I’m glad you addressed that about commanding – I’ve been doing that and I’m going to stop.

Katherine: Thank you for your explanation about clearing. I have a totally different mind set now. Feels like floating.

Julie C: This is the biggest clearing I have ever had in a class. I appreciate ALL your work!

Maria: I am so enjoying this and feeling more open and more light. Different sensations around my head and back but feels like its part of the clearing. I feel more ownership of my body and all parts of me. I would like to learn more about Essence, Energy, Embodiment and Amplification.

Seval: Yes, thank you so much! So happy we have all this new interferences, rays, and now able to clear them.

Katherine: I don’t know who I’m more impressed with. Julie Renee for the huge volume of work you do on our behalf or the Faerie Princess for her incredible tolerance of us. Sweet dreams.

Seval: I’m happy that we have the new interferences list because all the new charts are full of them. I did the Diamond class last year but this year I’m able to clear more deeply. Thank you!!

Tom: same here with Seval, last year was great, this workshop is really amazing. I’m really feeling more confident and knowledgable to practice.

Jacquie: having a deeper understanding this time round.and with all the work you are doing on charts a deeper clearing rock Julie Renee!!

Seval: This clearing is so intense! My vision is good but still I can feel such a big release, my eyes feels relaxed, free and soft, wow!

Karen: Thank you so much Julie Renee for sharing this life changing information. I am thrilled and honored to be able to be here in this class. xoxo

Tamanna: Grand Thank You, the regenesis is absolutely brilliant, what a gift.

Sean Cochrane: My muscle testing has definitely improved. I feel much more confident in using it and don’t have the doubts I previously had. I think doing it over the last 5 days has helped hugely.

Dale: I think muscle testing is more accurate.

Jacquie: Amazing was very surprised how profound the karma clearing country release was.

Karen: I have noticed that my floaters have disappeared from all of the work. Yeah!

Julie C: Yesterday I was at Mayo and my Dr wondered what I was doing. My oxygen level was 99-100%! He said that this never happens. I just smiled and told him I was meditating! Thank you dearly Julie Renee!!

Katherine: I took your arthritis class recently to work on my pinky finger which I caught in a mixer years ago. Top knuckle was wonky. It has now definitely begun to straighten out again without any more thought on my part except to tell it “well done”.

Seval: Thank you so much! It was gigantic week and so transformative. Thanks for all the charts, clearings and everything else. Thank you Adelia for teaching us. Love, blessings, hugs and kisses.

Katherine: I wanted to tell you my little experience with a swarm of yellow jackets that attacked me the other day after you spoke about your mosquito experiment. I was watering some plants and their home was in the ground. They didn’t like the waterworks. kept telling them not to lose their lives by stinging me but 4 did. I pumped gold for a couple hours No medicine or anything. By morning I was fine. every time I go past I tell them to move and be happy.

Emilia: It’s wonderful and is great to see the huge benefit of the group clearings, thank you all.

Tamanna: Words can’t express my gratitude for what you have shared, Great transformations, felt your love and compassion and truly given me hope about my eyes. With all my love, deep honor and gratitude.

You are reading about the live in-person Diamond training at my home in Carmel Valley. There are two additional options: to train in the live online Diamond training, or to get your Apprentice certification through the recent online program through our wonderful home study program. You can read about both by clicking here.

Enroll now and get the super saver one-pay tuition of $6,750. Or take advantage of our easy pay…

In-Person Training

Cost: $6,750
or 12 payments of $675

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