“I loved having Julie Renée on the show she introduced us to so many new and interesting ways to grow ourselves. Human beings are such amazing creatures. We find our-self over time getting all mucked-up with the problems of life. Being exposed to Julie Renée’s work helps us understand we can heal and return to our original innocence.”
~ Joyce Buford Host, Second Wind Radio Toginet

This is the MEDIA site for Reverend Julie Renee Doering and her programs and products.

Her books include: 100% YOU Formula, Your Divine Human Blueprint and Balance your life Now.

If you are not a member of the media (staff for TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, or the Internet), you will find a plethora of great information in this site, so please explore.

For media related inquiries, Julie Renee at info@julierenee.com or (877) 477-5521. Thank you so much for your interest.


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